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Nominate Artists for Performances >
Nominate Artists for Performances >

NYE 2021 Countdown - Final Virtual Concert Nominations

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$ 10.00

NOMINATIONS END: Tues. Jan. 19 @ 3pm (EST)
For DAILY Update, see 'Sold So Far' tab above
⭐ WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Fri. Jan. 22 @ 6:45pm (EST) on 2HotRadio


👇🏽  3 WAYS TO WIN (A-D) 👇🏽

A. 100+ Nominations
Guaranteed Platinum Invite to BET Weekend

B. #1 Most Nominations
All expense paid trip to BET Weekend

C. Top 5 Talent Score
Invite to BET Weekend. 
Judges Score: up to 50,000 Points
Black Love Freestyle Radio UpVotes: 10 pts each
Trash Talk Video: 1000 bonus pts

All artists compete for Up to $10,000 Cash!


🔑  WHY WE EXIST? To help Improve the sound of today's music & provide guidance and mentorship to all artists associated with this project.

🖤  *You can nominate as many times as you want. Every Nomination purchase now contributes directly to the Black Love Campaign to combat police brutality. 


What is a nomination?

A nomination is similar to a ticket purchase. The nomination acknowledges that you 'would' buy a ticket to see this artist, if it weren't for these unprecedented times. A nomination is how you can support an artist from the comfort and safety of your home.

How many nominations do artists need in order to perform BET Weekend?

100 nominations will GUARANTEE their performance.

Are the finalists only determined by who has the most nominations?

No, not nominations alone. Artists can win based on nominations OR talent

👇🏽  3 WAYS TO WIN (A-D) 👇🏽

  1. 100+ Nominations

Guaranteed Platinum Invite to BET Weekend

  1. #1 Most Nominations

All expense paid trip to BET Weekend

  1. Top 5 Talent Score

Invite to BET Weekend. 

Judges Score: up to 50,000 Points

Black Love Freestyle Radio Streams: 10 pts each

Trash Talk Video: 1000 bonus pts

All artists will compete for up to $10,000 cash.

How will you know my nomination purchase goes to the right artist?

Prior to clicking "Add to Cart" be sure to swipe up and click the drop down menu that says "Click Here To Select An Artist" and select the artist's name that you want to purchase nominations for. This will ensure the correct artist receives credit.

How will you know how many nominations the artists have sold?

Swipe up and click the "Sold So Far" tab to see how many nominations have been sold so far. The tab will also let you know when to check back for the next update, as nominations sold, do NOT update automatically.

What happens if I have selected the wrong artist by mistake?

No worries, we can fix this on our backend. Just contact us at

Can artists purchase nominations for themselves?


Are nominations refundable?

No, due to policy all nomination sales are final and there will be no refunds given.

Who can I contact if I need further assistance?

Please open a help ticket at