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Vote for Akela Malik

Vote for Akela Malik

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Who do I contact for help?
Email or call 404.946.8660
What is the minimum to qualify for the release party?
25 votes
How will the artist know once they reach 25 votes?
They'll receive an email at the end of the 7 day period
How is the winner determined?
By a points system. The artists with the most points wins!
How do artists earn points?
Each vote is worth 10 points, so you'll start with at least 250 points from your first 25 votes. Then, you'll earn more points in the final round based on your music, your social media promo, and fan votes.
Why do the votes cost $2?
The A&R's and labels want to see if you have real fan support.
What happens if I don't win?
You'll still have an opportunity to receive a deal and perform BET Weekend based on your talent and effort. However, only the #1 winner is guaranteed.

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